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Dubverse’s transcription-generating feature can create transcriptions for your video in no time with timestamps, which is much more cost-effective and time-efficient compared to human transcription services. Our automatic speech recognition technology is cutting-edge and provides excellent end results quickly.


Dubverse is the best place if you are searching for the best auto transcription generator. Dubverse can generate transcriptions in 60+ languages. Our self-serviceable script editor allows you to edit transcriptions and timestamps according to your needs.


  • You can upload your audio or video files directly on the Dubverse SUB platform or provide a link from YouTube or Vimeo to generate transcriptions.

Dubverse SUB supports transcription in over 60 languages and can auto-translate transcriptions into as many languages as you need.

Transcriptions are generated within minutes, making the process significantly faster than manual transcription.

Yes, Dubverse SUB allows you to customize and edit your transcriptions to ensure they meet your specific needs.

Yes, you can generate multiple transcriptions in different languages for a single video with just one click.