About Us

“Video production is hard and inefficient and it should be democratized using AI. We are building the engine for Synthetic Media, where human creativity is augmented by AI. We have started with the specific use case of removing language barrier from video content, we believe possibilities are endless. We believe every video will go multi-lingual and we will make it happen! 🚀”

Come Join Us

We are on our way to solve one of the hardest problems – making movies via machines.
While we create magic with generative AI, we are excited to go use case by use case to make humans more creative. If you believe in this, do write to us at [email protected]

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Backed By

In our early days, we got selected by JIOGennext, an accelerator run by India’s biggest brand – Reliance Jio. This gave us enough fuel to get started and get us to a stage where we got a chance to participate in the world’s largest telecom ecosystem.

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