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Frequently Asked Questions

No. We look at ourselves as a video-in, video-out function. While the Demo just uses youtube captions for faster processing the product has capabilities to just work with any mp4. Write to us at [email protected] to dub any video

While this was our soft launch, currently we are operating in a private beta mode with our “first lovers”. We should be out with the product in about a month.

With our range of feature sets, we are looking to go anywhere between $5-20/min/language. Right now we are focused at creating value and a kickass product 🙂

We have dubbed a wide variety of videos but the automated dubbed works best for – How To videos, product explainers, testimonials, screencasts, infographic, animation, educational content and much more.

We have most of the global and Indian languages covered. Until you speak some esoteric language that only the aliens can understand, we should be able to serve you. 😉

We have experts on board as part of our partnerships with global language service providers. We share textual data, context and user persona of the video with them and they get the translations done on the same platform, providing a seamless experience.

These are professional language experts, ranging from different age-groups to domain specific translators such as educators, medical translators, financial translators and more. 

Got you covered! Our AI speakers have been tested on English+any other language content and they flawlessly speak in the desired language

We exist for breaking barriers across languages and we have developed our systems to take care of this.

 Yes, we do preserve the sound effects to make sure the output quality remains as close to the source video as possible.

No, we are focused on video related use-cases and we want to operate in that type of media only.