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Redraft Mode

Hey there, language lovers! Are you tired of subpar translations that don’t quite hit the mark? Fear not, because Dubverse has got your back!

Our AI translations are already ahead of the game, with accuracy rates between 80-90%. But we know that perfection is the ultimate goal, which is why we’ve introduced the ReDraft Mode to our Studio.

With ReDraft Mode, you can fine-tune the translations to get even closer to that 100% accuracy goal. And the best part? As you correct the AI’s mistakes, it learns and improves for future translations!

Think of it like teaching a parrot to speak – the more you work with it, the smarter it gets. So why settle for less than perfect translations? Join the ReDraft revolution and get those dubbing outputs on point!

Follow the links below to navigate through our redraft mode!

  1. Find and Replace 
  2. Transliterate 
  3. Meta Data 
  4. Glossary