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Edit Dubverse Video Projects

Edit Your Project from the Output Page with Ease!

Want to tweak the results? Directly switch to Dubverse editor from the output page and perfect your content to the T. Here’s how:

  1. Open the project’s output page.
  2. Access the video transcripts option to make edits. You can effortlessly edit your video transcripts to ensure every word is correct.
  3. Add comments and suggestions to collaborate with your team members.
  4. Switch speakers or dub in another language by clicking the change speaker button.
  5. Choose your desired language and speaker, then hit the ‘Let’s Dub’ button.
  6. Optimize your video’s quality and audio using the video or audio optimization slide.
  7. Enhance the video quality by adjusting settings under configure your project.
  8. Decide whether to include a watermark or not in your project.
  9. Download your project in popular formats like MP4, MP3, or SRT.
  10. Easily share your project with your team through Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, and Gmail, or simply copy the link.

Transform your ideas into reality in multiple languages with Dubverse! Experience the power of Dubverse today! 🌟