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Find and Replace

According to our editor usage data, about 18% of the segments which are edited just have one single-word edit. This feature creates a direct impact on all of them by saving time at once.

Since any text editor allows multiple layers of editing, basis this one can now replace any word across the script. This will have an impact on incorrect words by ASR or on Translation. This will help in word removal as well.

Follow the given steps to Find and Replace:

  1. Click on the three dots below the project
  2. Click on Edit in Studio
  3. Copy the word you Want to Replace
  4. Click on the “Find and Replace” button 
  5. Paste the word in the ‘Find’ Section
  6. Write the word you want to replace within the ‘Replace’ section
  7. Click on the Replace button to replace the particular word or click on the ‘Replace all’ button to replace all the same words.