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Importance of Translation Reviewer with AI Dubbing

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It is widely acknowledged that companies find it impossible to go global without translating their content. The translation sounds easy, right? Just throw a bunch of text into an online translator, check for a few basic errors, and you get what you want. But dubbing content is different and requires much more than that. 

Anybody trying to reach regional audiences by speaking their language is likely to grapple with questions like

How to capture unique cultural quirks in multiple languages.

What are the essential tone-related differences worth accounting for? And

How can one repurpose their message into a different context while making it seem relatable? 

These questions, among others, serve as essential reasons why dubbing to new languages requires a review process. But just how necessary is reviewing? 

Reasons to review your regionally dubbed content

When it comes to traditional multilingual dubbing, here are a few more reasons you’ll want a reviewer to cross-check your content.

1. Localize your translation

At the end of the day, reaching a non-English audience is not simply about the accuracy of your translation. You also want to localize your message to a niche audience. What’s the core difference between the two? Localization takes translation up a notch. It is about connecting with your audience beyond just speaking their language. And good translation is the first step to localization when dubbing content to regional audiences. 

A reviewer can make the process of capturing the perfect dub more streamlined by tweaking the content in unique ways to fit the needs of its regional audience. Beyond language accuracy, they can help you determine which aspects of your message can be enhanced, and which can be omitted for different multilingual audiences. They may choose to add region-specific differences to the script of your content, determine the precise phrasing of your core message, infuse cultural quirks into your content, and more

2. Save time and money

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Going global means a greater focus on multiple channels of content for different regional audiences. The managerial process of multilingual dubbing requires a significantly greater investment of time and can drain your budget. For context: a high-quality dub can cost as much as $75 per minute. While low-cost dubbing services might fit your budget better, it is unlikely that they’ll also get a professional reviewer in place to assess the content quality.

Factor in the greater scope for error with low-cost manual dubbing, and you get twice or even thrice your initial investment. The more errors made in the final dub, the more time is wasted by needlessly extending project cycles. This is why reviewing your dub internally can save you both time and money. This review process serves as an essential check to prevent you from rolling out content that does not fit your standard of marketing. 

3. Improve your content’s user-engagement

A survey assessed 8907 customers across 29 countries to find that 76% of them prefer buying products in their own language. The researchers went on to claim that companies that do not choose to localize their content risk losing out on at least 40% of their total addressable market. And although most customers might want products or services on English websites, it’s more likely for them to act on this need when content is presented in the language they are familiar with. 

The researchers aptly named their study “Can’t Read- Won’t Buy.” These findings capture an essential advantage of accurately dubbed content: user engagement. Greater user engagement is positively correlated with user conversion. When information is more accessible to regional audiences, they learn more about your product, drop comments on your dubbed videos, and share them with close friends and relatives, all of which boost how many eyes are on your product and how many of these convert to paying customers. 

4. Preserve the flow of the text

The process of reviewing your translated work goes as follows: Step one involves assessing for accuracy. By working systematically with the translation, moving phrase-by-phrase, and sentence-by-sentence, the reviewer is able to look for any meaning that has been misinterpreted or missed. The following step involves reading through the translation to refine one’s work wherever needed. This step involves preserving the flow of your text.

By ensuring the dub’s translation flows, you make it easier for your audience to understand and relate to your content. There is no need to stop, double-check, and force any extra connections between ideas. Content that is easy to follow is also likely to get more clicks, shares, and likes. Without reviewing your dub, you might be stuck with something that seems accurate on the surface but is interpreted awkwardly by native speakers of different languages. 

5. Retain your brand’s identity

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The broader your brand’s audience, the harder it becomes to keep its identity uniform throughout. Although you can try to retain your brand’s core values, you also need to accommodate the unique needs of each market you enter. One of the best ways to do this when dubbing regional content is through a review process. A reviewer can help most brands switch up their approach to fit the environmental needs of their regional markets. For instance, they might add unique marketing for certain cultural festivals. This way your company gets to preserve its core values while reaching a different audience. 

6. Guarantee your message’s accuracy without sounding forced 

Unless you have a professional reviewer on board, it is hard to accurately dub content to a unique language without it sounding forced. Some aspects of your dubbed content can work as direct translations such as product information, or a how-to-use guide. But advertisements require phrasing that attracts its audience, and direct translations may not cut it. A reviewer can integrate softer phrasing and more informal synonyms of words or that a direct translation might not be able to on the first go. Hence, professionally reviewing your work can guarantee a degree of accuracy without your content seeming strained.

How AI dubbing is review-oriented

Dubbing has come a long way from its old-school sound-booth version. Now, you can dub content at the click of a button with artificial intelligence tools. Not only is this option for dubbing content cheaper, but it is also much more hands-on. In other words, although conventional dubbing requires the addition of a reviewer to your team, AI dubbing is inherently review-oriented. Let’s take Dubverse as an example of why. 

Using our software, you can get translations of your draft with AI translation tools, and work with the one that serves your brand best. You can tweak the script to your needs at any stage of the process. You can also choose from over 170 different AI voices that capture the tone-related needs of 30+ different languages. Now, you can also instantly add AI subtitles in the language of your choice to each of your dubbed videos.

The greatest part about AI dubbing is that it is constantly evolving for the better. As these tools are refined, your project cycles turnover will only get smaller. By adopting AI dubbing, you can review the accuracy of your content, localize your message to regional audiences, and retain your brand’s core values, all at once.

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