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Retune Mode

Have you ever been lost in translation because of a mispronounced word or an incorrect tone? We feel your pain, and that’s why we’ve got the perfect solution – ReTune Mode!

With ReTune Mode, you can fine-tune your AI speakers to ensure perfect pronunciations and tones. Say goodbye to those awkward mispronunciations and confusing tones that leave you scratching your head.

Change the pronunciation of a word that’s been mispronounced? Easy peasy! And with the multitone feature, you can adjust the tone of a sentence to fit the context perfectly.

Think of it like giving your AI speakers a vocal makeover – they’ll come out sounding like a million bucks! Don’t let mispronunciations and inconsistent tones ruin your translation game – hop on board with ReTune Mode and be amazed by the results!

Follow the steps below to navigate through our retune mode!

  1. Navigate to the All Projects banner. Then under a project, click on the three dots and click on ‘Edit in Studio’.
  2. Next, switch between the ‘Redraft’ and ‘Retune’ mode. 
  3. You can select from different Voice Styles by clicking on the Default icon beside a clip.
  4. You can also select Different Voice Tones by clicking on the specific word and then clicking on the second icon.

And, you’re through!