Why Should You Be Excited About YouTube’s MultiLanguage Audio Track Feature?

  • Why Should You Be Excited About YouTube’s MultiLanguage Audio Track Feature?

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YouTube's MultiLanguage Audio Track Feature

YouTube has been supporting subtitles in multiple languages for a long time now. Being the largest video streaming service globally, YouTube now recognizes the immense value of content localization and has introduced a new “multi language audio track feature”. This groundbreaking addition enables creators to upload multiple audio tracks in various languages to both new and existing videos.

MultiLanguage Audio Track

Once the video is uploaded, viewers can switch between different audio tracks from the same menu where they can adjust other settings like subtitles, audio speed, etc. Multilingual audio tracks have long existed on other streaming services like Netflix, Hulu and Hotstar, thanks to this feature, viewers can watch popular media content in their native languages. Moreover, it makes the content accessible to people without geographical or language boundaries. This has resulted in large viewership for the platforms. 

And YouTube does not wish to miss out on this opportunity and expand it to creator economy as well!

Benefits of MultiLanguage Audio Tracks 

Benefits of MultiLanguage Audio Tracks 

The push towards this new feature is strong evidence that the company does not want the platform to be restricted to English-speaking audiences. But what does it mean for creators? Why should YOU be excited? Let’s explore the benefits of multi-language audio tracks for creators and how easily you can incorporate them into your creative process. 

Allows for easy creation of videos in multiple languages

Several YouTube creators who operate on multiple channels to connect with different sets of audiences, will not have to spend time creating, editing and uploading the same video in different languages. They can easily create multiple audio tracks for one video, direct a global audience through a single channel and help them find content conveniently. 

Provides a better user experience for non-native speakers

better user experience for non-native speakers

Non-native speakers can now access all the videos which were otherwise restricted based on region or the language barrier. To cater to different sets of audiences who speak in several languages, creators had to create multiple channels; most of which do not even rank on the search results making it extremely difficult for the channel to be discovered and for the audience to search. With the help of multi language audio tracks, they can easily switch between different languages with just a few clicks and further improve their viewer experience by finding all the content in one place. 

Increases accessibility and inclusivity

Increases accessibility and inclusivity

Accessibility is a very crucial aspect of video content marketing, YouTube hopes that this feature will enable the production of more audio-described tools for people with disabilities and low vision users. Further, we can enhance engagement within communities who do not speak anything else apart from their native language feel appreciated and acknowledged.

 Improves search engine optimization and discoverability

If your SEO practices are not good enough, it won’t matter how good your content is because it may not be reaching your desired target audience.

Having multilingual tracks and content as a part of your SEO strategy helps you cater to your existing audience and pull out more international viewers. When you localize your content with more languages, you are bound to get more views from more regions which ultimately means that you are getting ranked in those regions and territories where you were once not visible. In fact, when you add subtitles and descriptions in different languages, it further boosts your SEO. Expands reach and audience

Only 26% of the people on the internet speak English, hence multilingual content allows you to build a presence in various cultural and ethnic markets and allows you to expand your reach and audience.

Strengthen Brand Loyalty

multilanguage feature strengthens Brand Loyalty

A survey concludes that almost 44% of respondents said that they relate more to a brand that speaks their language. Hence, when you foster such kind of intimacy with your audience, they tend to stay more loyal to your brand rather than switching to any alternative provider. 

Attract brand sponsorships 

multilingual content attracts brand sponsorships 

Brands are constantly on the lookout for local creators and influencers to expand their consumer market and build more niches. Hence, when you produce content in multiple languages, you attract more local brand sponsorships, which accounts for a major part of the creator’s revenue.

Increased impressions and engagement

stats to determine which influencers to work with
Source : Mediakix

When people find content in their native languages, it creates a sense of familiarity that ultimately results in engagement. People will watch, share and interact more with your content than others if you speak their language. A study conducted by Common Sense Advisory discovered that 72.4% of consumers are more comfortable buying a product advertised in their language!

More ad revenue

Ad revenues are generated more from YouTube when creators have a large audience base and multilingual content can help them achieve the same. This means they will have more scope for various sponsorships and brand partnerships as well. Further, it opens up wider opportunities for collaborations to increase shared viewership.

Better audience retention

better audience retention

If we look at something as important as a brand website, we often forget that language is the most important part of personalization for consumers. It is observed that 88% of customers don’t return to a particular website after a bad experience and 65% are more likely to convert when they read product pages in their language. Hence, language definitely will play a large part in retaining your audience on every platform. 

Expand into untapped markets  

If you aim to become the bigger fish in the pond, you have to think of the competitive advantage that producing multilingual content can bring you. A large portion of the audience on the internet misses out on content because it is not available to them in their native language. This means that a lot of creators have only been focusing on creating videos in primary languages ( 55% of all online content is in English) and this can be your window of opportunity. 

Greater flexibility 

more engagement from various audiences

With the help of the multilingual audio track feature, you can explore newer markets with the same content that has limited viewership from a particular language-speaking audience. This means that you can obtain as much engagement as possible from various audiences only by uploading audio tracks in multiple languages to your existing videos.

Optimize from one channel

Earlier, creators had to set up and manage multiple channels for different audience groups. With the multi-language audio track feature, creators can now optimize and drive all the traffic to their primary channel. This means that your audience can find everything in one place without being limited to regions or languages and you can easily track your performance. 

How to Get Started With MultiLanguage Audio Track?

Most common languages on the internet
Most Common Languages on the Internet
Source : Statista

YouTube has no big launch in the pipeline to introduce the multi-language audio track feature yet. The new feature is currently available to a selected group of top content providers who are testing it out for growth and impact. 

But it is not the time to sit and wait for the storm to hit, this is the time to diversify! Creators must prepare themselves and gain the first mover advantage to get ahead in the race. In fact, we would go on to say that this is the perfect time to experiment with multi audio tracks to test the waters. 

Think of your target audience

think with the target audience in mind

YouTube analytics tool segregates and tracks your audience based on region, languages and other demographic indicators. You can leverage these tools to find out what types of audiences engage most with your content and which segment has a large potential for your videos. 

Research tools and create

Pick out the right dubbing tool for your channel and brand that not only translates your text and audio but can add intrinsic value to your videos. Dubverse.ai helps creators seamlessly create audio tracks in more than 30 languages with 200+ AI speakers. It also offers tools for subtitling and converting text to speech in any language.

Run experiments

run experiments

Separately upload your dubbed videos on the channel until the multilingual feature is available for you to understand how well your content is performing. You can also ask your existing audience about their preferred languages and produce content accordingly.

Analyze and measure performance

Track performance and measure your content based on key performance indicators.

In January alone YouTube noted that viewers watched over 2 million hours of dubbed videos and 15% of the watch time came from those viewers who were watching content in the non-primary language. The launch test has produced such an overwhelming response, we are sure the feature is soon to be rolled out globally to all of YouTube.

Best Tools To Go Multilingual

dubverse - best tool to go multilingual

YouTube says that as a platform it will support multi-language audio tracks, however, creators will need to partner directly with online dubbing service providers and tools like Dubverse.ai to generate their dubbed multilingual audio tracks. It is easy for Mr Beast to hire professional dubbing artists, voiceover actors, translators and professional equipment to produce multilingual audio tracks. But what about the rest of the creators? 

Ever since the integration of AI and text-to-speech generators, dubbing audio into multiple languages has become much faster, easier, compliant, accessible and cost-effective. 

This is where Dubverse steps in.

Dubverse is an AI-powered creators’ platform that automates dubbing, subtitles generation and text-to-speech voice overs in over 30 Indian and global languages. 

All you need to do is  – 

  • Go to Dubverse’s official website 
  • Upload a file/paste a YouTube link/cloud upload your video in the ‘Dub a Video’ option after creating a new project
  • Click on Let’s Dub and Start dubbing 

Let the AI do all the magic!

At the Dubverse studio, you can collaborate with your team members to make real-life edits to the video, get your transcriptions reviewed by experts and manage and create bulk projects seamlessly. Additionally, the lip sync features can help you match the dub with on-stress pronunciation and you can also facilitate multispeaker content.

Once your dub is ready you can easily share this on your YouTube channels with the following process. 

  1. Sign in to YouTube Studio on your computer.
  2. From the left menu, select Subtitles.
  3. Click the video that you’d like to edit.
  4. Click ADD LANGUAGE and select your language.
  5. Under “Audio,” click ADD.
  6. Click SELECT FILE.
  7. Choose which file to upload. 
  8. Click PUBLISH when you’re ready to upload your audio track.

Success Stories

The multilingual audio feature has already revolutionized the creators’ economy and the digital landscape. Creators are tapping into newer markets and reaching more people by breaking geographical and language barriers. 

Brands like Google and Groww, and creators like SadhGuru, Tanmay Bhatt etc have been creating content in multiple languages far before this feature was launched and it proved to be highly rewarding for their viewership and brand engagement. 

Mr Beast, who is one of the creators to be a part of the YouTube launch test, saw a massive increase in international viewership after he dubbed his most popular videos in 11 languages. On many occasions, creators have enjoyed more views from native-language viewers than their English-speaking audience. 

Final thoughts

Youtube acknowledging the potential of multi language content creation has opened up exciting opportunities for creators all over the world and the development of AI that supports this process is efficient and cost-effective for everybody. It can exponentially increase the chance for creators and brands to grow in new markets, increase audience engagement and amass a dedicated following of international subscribers. This is the time to start preparing to tackle the linguistic barrier that bars your content from reaching a larger audience, this is the time to diversify and spread your message. Go Multilingual with Dubverse today, and watch your channel make progress that is off the charts.

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