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How does Dubverse help creators expand their reach with multilingual content?

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We’ve witnessed the wave of globalization for creators and brands all across the world that shaped their positions in the market. But what is the next step for this dynamic digital landscape that decides the future of the creator’s economy?

The most challenging aspect of entering a new market is figuring out how to engage with the audience. And the answer to this is content localization. There are only 26% of people on the internet who speak English which re-establishes the fact that today, sharing only relevant content is not enough, creators and brands must learn how to foster intimacy with their communities and they can do so with the help of multilingual content creation. 

multilingual content

For creators, the multi language content space enables them to deliver the promise of transparency and relevance to their audience and for brands it is a crucial development to improve customer experience. 

Large brands have recognized the potential of multilingual content creation in reaching wider audiences. Platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and TikTok have successfully started targeting users with non-English content and translating their in-platform, influencer content and so on. OTT platforms like Netflix, Hotstar and Hulu have been hitting viewers’ targets after making dubbed content and multilingual subtitles available to users. YouTube has also announced its multilingual content feature creating exciting opportunities for creators and brands. 

But if you are among those people who are still anticipating joining this trend, it is probably because you are not aware of the super easy and super advanced tech and tools available at your disposal; that streamline your multilingual content creation process. AI multi language content generator tools like Dubverse, make it extremely convenient for users to translate, dub and create content in multiple languages with just a few clicks. In this blog, we will discuss the various benefits and needs of multilingual content and how Dubverse can help you by doing all the heavy lifting. 

Maximizing The ROI With Multilingual Content

Maximizing The ROI With Multilingual Content

Expand Your Reach

Reaching more audiences is the key to growth and success. Having multilingual videos, YouTube shorts, websites, blogs etc allows you to expand your target markets, create a higher chance of conversion as well as test and analyze the market potential. 

Enforce Trust And Credibility

Enforcing trust With Multilingual Content

Audiences only trust brands that speak their language, literally and metaphorically. A global brand that reflects its diverse community by adding multilingual content on its websites, and social media platforms and as a part of its brand identity, screams inclusivity and professionalism. This not only ensures trust and credibility among customers but also makes them feel included. 

Get Quality Leads And Increase Conversions

Audiences and users are less likely to exit your website or channels when they find content that is relevant and in their language. As per CAS, 72.1% of consumers spend most of their time on websites that are customizable to their native language. This means that having a multilingual site or content gives you qualified leads to your desired market, reduces bounce rates and in turn increases the chances of conversion. It’s a win-win!

Enable Customer-Centric Approach

customer-centric approach

As a brand or a creator, what you provide to your customers becomes an increasingly important factor in getting viewers and sales. Something like multilingual content that allows the visitor to feel acknowledged and appreciated can give you a certain edge over your competitors and ensure success.

Cost-Effective Marketing And Advertising

As per DemandMetric, content marketing costs 62% less than traditional types of marketing and generates approximately 3 times more leads. Including multi language content marketing as a part of your strategy gives you more space with your marketing budget by creating relevant niches. Additionally, AI tools like Dubverse will not only help you up your multilingual game but also save you tons of money on narrators, dubbing artists, translators and so on. 

Creators Expanding Their Reach With Multilingual Content

Creators Expanding Their Reach With Multilingual Content

Somewhere between 13-17% of the world’s population speaks English, which means that the only thing that is separating creators from the rest 80-85% of the rest of the population is the language barrier. They have more opportunities to reach a larger audience which directly means more viewership, a fast track to the global market, more ad revenues, sales and increased opportunities to collaborate with brands who are constantly on the lookout to create more engaging brand content and diversify their revenue streams. 

So does adapting your existing and future content with localization methods such as subtitles, dubbing, video captioning etc, actually help you break borders and reach a global audience? Let us find out with examples of some real-life stories.

Hunter Prosper, an ICU nurse

Hunter Prosper, an ICU nurse started uploading videos on TikTok during the pandemic only to give himself a sigh of relief amid the gruesome reality of the COVID-19 pandemic. But soon after his fourth upload he started narrating people’s stories through his channels and today his channel has over 4.3 million subscribers and about 80 million views per month. He personalized his videos and created a unique style by adding captions in clear and large fonts to his videos. “So I like to make sure my videos are art for everyone, no exclusions.”


In another narrative, we have Davon St Arnaud and his YouTube Channel Gingerpale. Arnaud focuses on the edutainment space of content and creates comprehensive educational videos in an animated format. Our focus here is his channel views which account for up to 4.5 million and are positioned among the English-speaking audience. Gingerpale is another creator who shows how much potential his content may have if Arnaud decides to tap into a much larger audience from various cultures and languages.

MrBeast talks multi-language strategy and growth

Maybe he will follow in the footsteps of Jimmy Donaldson aka Mr Beast whose multilanguage videos generated over 100M subscribers. Mr Beast, like many others, started producing only English videos until he realized the potential that lay beyond and into the diverse culture that existed online. 

Being amongst the pioneers in the content localization space, Mr Beast created multilingual content through traditional dubbing methods that require a large budget. But this feat is only possible for a YouTuber whose approximate earnings are over $ 54 million. 

For the up-and-coming creators, technology has created a much more convenient and cost-effective solution and Dubverse’s AI multi language content generator tool is one of them.

How can Dubverse help creators expand their reach?

Dubverse helps creators expand their reach

When you look for an AI-powered localization tool, you have to look for the perfect balance of AI and the human touch. Dubverse has the most reliable tools, Dub, Sub and Say for dubbing content, generating subtitles, and generating human-like voices with Text-to-speech, all for creators who want to integrate multi language content creation into their workflow. Get accurate, high-quality results fast. 

What Makes Dubverse the Best Localization Tool?

Efficient and Accurate

Dubverse offers AI powered dubbing that uses advanced machine translations and generative AI all under one platform and delivers to you ready-to-publish videos, faster than any manual form of dubbing. Further, you can enable professional support to generate speech and subtitles with 98% accuracy. You can reduce your localization process from days to minutes with Dubverse. (That’s what our users say!)

Streamlined Workflow

Dubverse allows you to import videos from anywhere on its platform, share projects in real-time with your team, manage and review multiple projects and lets you work with multiple files at the same time. With multiple platform integrations, you can easily make it a part of your content creation workflow without adding more steps.

Easy-to-use Editor

easy-to-use editor

The Dubverse studio enables you to review and edit your text and audio on a single screen, thereby reducing your edit time by more than 50%. You can conveniently pick and replace errors by tweaking only one single script which can be typed out on an English keyboard and can be translated into the native language. 

You have complete control of your script and the liberty to choose multiple pronunciation options for every word to best suit your audience. You can also make the AI speakers speak in multi-tone, change how they sound and make the script more conversational by adding multiple speakers within the same video. 

Human-like AI speakers

human-like AI speakers

Dubverse gives you a wide variety of AI speakers varying across gender, ethnicity and style that sound like real humans. You can even clone your one voice using the Neo Dub feature to create an AI avatar and make scalable content across 30+ languages. 

One-stop Shop

Traditional ways of dubbing will require you to hire a team of experts. And a new team for every new language. But with AI-tools, you get everything done and processed under one roof. You even get to connect with a professional to double-check the accuracy of your content to maintain your brand’s core values.

How to Use Dubverse to Create Multilingual Content?

Follow the steps to dub your tracks using Dubverse.ai – 

Step 1: Search for Dubverse.ai on Google.

Step 2: Click on the “Try Now” button.

Step 3: Select “Add a video” from the Dub option. 

Step 4: You can either paste the YouTube video link in the text field or upload your video from your preferred platform by syncing or uploading it directly.

Step 5: Once you have selected your video, click on the “Next” button. 

Step 6: Select your target language and the speaker by clicking on the “+” button beside your chosen speaker!

Step 7: Click on “Let’s Dub.” Your video will be dubbed in no time!

Step 8: Click on “Watch” to preview it before downloading or sharing it!

Step 9: You can download your project by clicking on the “Download” button!

And you are all set to go!

Tips For Creating Effective Multilingual Content

Effective multilingual content

Research Your Audience

Make good use of your YouTube analytics and figure out what types of audiences other than your primary audience follow your content. A deep understanding of your target audience will help you generate multilingual content in relevant languages. Understand the diverse cultures and languages because they don’t mean the same thing. The US and UK populations both speak English but their accents and cultures vary drastically.

Keep Your Core Values Intact

Keeping core values intact

Effective multilingual content involves the adaptation of content and campaigns to keep it relevant to foreign markets. However, it does not mean that your core message should change. This can affect brand consistency and identity. Ex – McDonald’s can customize its menu and ingredients as per different regions, but they never take away happy meals or big mac off the menu.

Optimize for SEO

Optimize for SEO

Optimize your URLs, add relevant keywords based on your audience, and localize all titles, Meta data, alt tags etc. to surge your position on search engine indexes and deliver your content to relevant audiences. 

Keep it Universal

Keep your script relevant to your audience but also neutral to all cultures so that you can save a great deal of time when you are getting it translated. You might also need to consider language expansion in your script because some languages take up a much larger written space than others.

Consider Graphics, Animations, And Subtitles

Consider Graphics, Animations, And Subtitles

Try to keep your graphics and animations relevant and culturally relevant so that they do not affect the sentiments of your audience. Further, choose your fonts wisely because readability issues can occur in several languages. 

Review And Maintain Clarity

Always get your scripts reviewed by experts to maintain clarity and avoid mistakes. Having a final and approved script will save you time and effort in the process of localization. 

Go Multilingual with Dubverse

Go multilingual with dubverse

Not adding multilingual content to your creation process is like sitting on top of a huge heap of gold and waiting for a miracle to occur. 

If you don’t believe us, believe the figures which state that 64% of consumers pay more for a product or service just because the brands speak in their language and 44% of respondents relate more to a brand because of the same reason!
So grab any one of your videos, go to the Dubverse studio and start creating for your potentially large audience. Remember, if you want to go global you have to start thinking local.

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