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Creators today recognize that videos have become an integral part of our digital landscape, serving diverse purposes ranging from entertainment to education and marketing.

According to a study conducted by Google, over 80% of YouTube views come from outside the United States. This indicates a significant global audience consuming video content in languages other than their native language.

With this growth of video content, the need for subtitles in videos has become increasingly evident, as they enhance search engine optimization (SEO), accessibility, engagement, retention, and overall clarity. Still many have qualms about it. Are you one of the creators in a dilemma whether subtitles can truly elevate your content? Here are some statistics to help you:

  1. A recent survey conducted across the European Union found that while 90% of internet users in the EU prefer accessing websites in their native language, approximately 55% of them occasionally utilize a language different from their own when online.
  2. Of the popular YouTube channels that uploaded videos during the first week of 2019, over 50% included some content in a language other than English. 
  3. Among the top 250 YouTube channels, approximately 66% of the content is in English, while 15% is in Spanish, 7% in Portuguese, 5% in Hindi, and 2% in Korean. The remaining 5% consists of various other languages. YouTube, which is accessible in nearly 80 languages and has over a hundred localized versions, showcases the diversity of content.

But creating and uploading accurate and synchronized subtitles can be challenging at times. Unsynced subs and badly translated phrases can negatively impact your videos and become a hurdle in your multi-language video creation journey. In this blog, we will explore an easy solution to these challenges, empowering creators to generate high-quality subtitles for their videos effortlessly. But first — 

Generate subtitles online with AI

Why Generate Subtitles For Your Videos? 

  • Subtitles play a vital role in improving the accessibility and reach of videos. They make videos accessible to individuals with hearing impairments, ensuring inclusivity. 
  • They enhance SEO by enabling search engines to index the video’s content more effectively. 
  • Subtitles can significantly boost engagement and retention, as viewers can easily follow the dialogue, regardless of the audio quality or language barriers. 
  • They improve clarity by providing accurate translations or transcriptions, particularly useful in educational or instructional videos. 
  • Subtitles assist learners in following the content more effectively, enabling better comprehension and retention of information.
why you need to add subtitles to your videos

By incorporating subtitles, creators can maximize the impact of their videos and cater to a wider audience.

You can hire professionals to write subtitles for your videos but it can be time-consuming. On the other hand, with Dubverse SUB, an AI-powered subtitle generator, you get accurate subtitles for your videos within minutes so you can publish videos with subtitles. No more waiting!

How To Generate Subtitles Online For Videos Using Dubverse? 

Generate Subtitles Online For Videos Using Dubverse

Dubverse offers a user-friendly platform that simplifies the process of adding subtitles to videos. 

Step 1: Getting started is effortless; creators can quickly sign up for an account and access the intuitive interface. Once logged in, users can easily upload their videos to the Dubverse platform, where the powerful subtitle generator comes into play.

Step 2: 

To add subtitles, go to Dubverse SUB > Upload your video > Select language > And SUB! 

It’s that easy!

The AI engine ensures high accuracy and speed in generating subtitles, saving creators valuable time and effort. Dubverse covers over 30 languages, making it suitable for global and regional content creators who wish to tap into new markets. Furthermore, it offers extensive coverage of Indian languages, catering to the diverse needs of creators in the region.

Step 3: Once the subtitles are generated, Dubverse provides an easy-to-use editor that allows creators to refine and perfect their subtitles. The editor enables seamless modifications, ensuring precise synchronization and alignment with the video’s audio. Creators can make adjustments, add or remove text, and ensure the AI subtitles are synchronized flawlessly.

dubverse editor

Step 4: Dubverse further simplifies the process by offering multiple export formats, including SRT, VTT, and more. Creators can choose the format that best suits their requirements and seamlessly integrate the subtitles into their videos or preferred platforms.

Why Choose Dubverse For Subtitle Generation? 

dubverse for subtitle generation

While several creators hire a professional to add subtitles, others have found AI to be more powerful. Working with a professional usually takes around 24 hours to add accurate timestamped subtitles to the video after uploading it. This can negatively impact SEO. However, with Dubverse, you generate 98% accurate subtitles within minutes – all with a few clicks and upload them instantly.

Your subtitles creation process boils down from 24 hours to mere minutes with a small investment. Whether it’s a short video or a feature-length film, Dubverse delivers exceptional performance.

This not only streamlines your process, but also gives an SEO boost to your videos especially on YouTube. YouTube algorithms pay special attention to videos within the first 24 hours. Adding subtitles-embedded videos means expanding your views within the early hours. More views in different geographies automatically boost your ranking in those regions. 

Dubverse for subtitle generation

The platform’s user-friendly editor makes it easy for creators to fine-tune their subtitles on the platform itself. You can find and replace words, save words to glossary and tweak timestamps as you like in the editor. With Dubverse, creators have complete control over the subtitle creation process.

Dubverse’s extensive language support is another noteworthy feature. In addition to covering over 30 languages, it provides comprehensive coverage of Indian languages, enabling creators to reach a wider audience in the region. This feature is especially valuable for content creators who wish to expand their reach all over India.

Furthermore, Dubverse offers seamless integration with YouTube Studio, allowing creators to directly sync their subtitles with their YouTube videos. This feature reduces the number of steps in creation to the uploading process. 

Get Started With Dubverse Today!

It’s 2023! Why let language barriers hinder the impact of your videos? Dubverse empowers creators to take their videos to the next level by incorporating high-quality AI subtitles. By using Dubverse, creators can enhance accessibility, engagement, retention, and overall clarity. With its user-friendly interface, accurate subtitle generation, easy-to-use editor, extensive language support, and seamless integration with YouTube Studio, Dubverse is the ultimate tool for generating subtitles.

Dubverse offers a comprehensive solution for effortless subtitle generation. Experience the power of accurately generated subtitles that boost SEO, content engagement, and accessibility. Whether you’re a content creator, marketer, or educator, Dubverse provides the tools you need to maximize the impact of your videos and reach a wider audience. Start generating subtitles with Dubverse today! 

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