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What is YouTube Multi-language Audio Track Feature?

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Are you also caught up in the YouTube frenzy surrounding the new “Multi-language Audio Track” feature? If you’re feeling a bit lost and uncertain about what it entails, fret not, because we’re here to guide you through it! 

multilanguage audio track

In this blog, we’ll demystify the feature, and the concept behind it, and demonstrate how you can easily leverage it to boost your growth. YouTube’s Multi-language Audio Track feature is poised to revolutionize how content creators connect with global audiences. Get ready to unlock the potential of Multi-language Audio Track on YouTube!

What is Multi-language Audio Track Feature?

Unlike regular websites that rely on SEO, inbound links, and keywords to grow their audience, YouTube is a search engine and has to resort to different methods to expand its viewership. Needless to say that one of the most effective modus operandi employed by YouTube is its routine changes in algorithmic recommendations and new features.

Check out the best audio editing software that you can use when scaling your videos across languages.

In February 2023 YouTube rolled out a new feature that allowed content creators and channels to embed videos with multiple audio tracks in different languages. This multilingual audio track feature enabled viewers to switch between different audio tracks to be able to view a video in their preferred language. 

YouTube’s recommendation algorithm constantly evolves in response to the videos viewed by each of its viewers. YouTube has been promoting original content by collaborating with celebrities and media companies to offer content that appeals to various audience segments. 

multilanguage audio track

Moreover, creator support and monetization initiatives such as super chat, channel memberships, and merchandise shelves have all helped creators attract and retain an audience. However, they still do not solve one crucial problem: the language barrier. It is the more recent features like multi-language audio tracks that will help YouTube to cater to a wider viewer base and make the content more inclusive and engaging.

Transcending Language Barriers with Dubbing

When the Korean-language thriller drama Squid Games was released in the September of 2021, it took the world by storm rising to critical acclaim. It became one of Netflix’s most popular shows of all time. However, this wouldn’t be an isolated incident of its kind. Shows like Money Heist and Dark would go on to follow suit and redefine the success of foreign language shows.

What’s interesting (and pretty obvious) is that over 78% of the audience of shows like Dark watched the show with a dubbed soundtrack. Similarly, over 60% of the viewers watched Squid Games in the English dub alone. Now imagine the viewership in its original language.

Well, it isn’t as dramatically low as it sounds, but it isn’t as far from it either. What we’re implying is that the viewership of video content is often limited by its language. By transcending this barrier, you could increase your audience exponentially, and that’s exactly what YouTube plans on doing with its new feature.

language barrier

YouTube’s Multi-language Audio Track feature allows you to create and publish videos with multiple audio tracks in different languages. It allows viewers to switch between these audio tracks to choose a language they’re more comfortable with. Furthermore, it is up to the creators to choose the languages to use in their videos.

As of now, thousands of videos with multiple audio tracks have been uploaded on YouTube in over 40 different languages. While the company’s initial plans included this feature for long-form content exclusively, it hasn’t stopped them from testing it with short-form content either. 

Benefits of Multi-language Audio Tracks

The Multilingual Audio Track feature was supposed to be a win-win for the creators and their audience, and boy does it deliver. Apart from the obvious benefit of allowing the use of multiple languages, this feature comes as a package deal and has a lot more to offer – 

  • Inclusivity: Using a familiar language is the most promising way of helping your audience resonate with your content. One of the papers published by the University of Pittsburgh states – “Maintaining native language allows for more meaningful communication that can facilitate respect for these relationships as well as heritage culture as a whole.“
  • Engagement: YouTube boasts a diverse linguistic background, which is why unless you can connect with the audience, there’s no way you can keep them engaged. By offering the choice to switch between different languages, creators can bolster the global appeal of their content. Furthermore, over 43% of our population is bilingual, so you’re essentially allowing them to experience multiple facets of your content.
youtube engagement rate
  • Cultural Adaptation and Nuances: While a direct dub might not be a good idea, dubbed audios with appropriate changes in accordance with cultural nuances do wonders for both, long-form and short-form video content. Localizing content for specific regions or markets and tailoring your videos to suit certain preferences creates rapport with viewers and enhances relevance, making your videos all the more relatable. 
  • Greater Monetization Opportunities: Brand endorsements, partnerships, and sponsorships mostly revolve around the demographics and audience segment that you cater to. Since multilingual content allows you to diversify both, you’re very likely to have greater monetization opportunities once you go multilingual. 

How to Generate Multi-Language Audio Tracks?

Creators of all people understand the work that goes into the creation of even the simplest of videos. The immaculate precision mandated by editing takes up a lot of time and resources. Most of this hassle, however, can be avoided only if one is aware of the relevant tools and resources.

Several generative AI tools (that we don’t even have to name) will readily conjure a transcript to ease the creation process. You can use others to create charts, embed music, and insert animation with little trouble. Let’s explore some of these tools that you can use:

Animation: Vyond, Synthetik

Stock Images: Vecteezy, Unsplash

Music and Sound Effects: Zapslat, Pixabay

Charts and Graphs: Taskade, Appypie

Despite all of this, most creators still rely on traditional methods for creating audio dubs. Hiring voice actors, preparing a script, and then taking on an extensive workload to finally get a dub that may or may not prove useful.

If you’ve been through the same cycle, say hi to Dubverse. 

Dubverse is a generative AI creator platform that helps you generate video dubs and subtitles, and convert text to speech in a matter of minutes. You can further edit these dubs and subs and even get the result reviewed by professionals and native speakers at the click of a button. Moreover, Dubverse allows you to collaborate with your team, perform bulk actions, and get your videos dubbed in over 35 different languages.

dubverse multlingual audio feature

How Can You Dub Your Videos With Dubverse?

With Dubverse, the workflow is quite convenient. Let’s look at how you can efficiently dub or sub your videos at the ease of your fingertips – 

  • On Dubverse’s official website, click on Try Now in the upper right corner of the Homepage.
  • Create a new project with the option – “Dub a Video”. You can upload a file, paste a YouTube video link or use Cloud Upload to start dubbing the video.
  • Select your preferred language and the speaker from among hundreds of different voices. 
  • Click on “Let’s Dub” and let the speaker do their magic. You can now listen to the dubbed audio and download the file when ready.

All it takes is a few clicks and minutes!

Success Stories with MultiLanguage Audio Tracks

While most users might not have access to this feature as of now, they soon will (and that includes you too!). So instead of waiting around for the feature to be made available, you can instead work on creating dubbed audio tracks using Dubverse’s generative AI and streamline the process. 

We’ve discussed some of the creators who have used this feature, and the results are self-explanatory. 

  • MrBeast – In this multilingual video, MrBeast talks about cops and assassins (let’s not get too excited) with 12 different audio tracks.
Mr Beast multilanguage videos
  • Creator Insider – Creator Insider is a channel that shares information from YouTube’s technical team with the general audience. In this video, they talk about YouTube’s new feature and how it can benefit both small and large enterprises along with creators. 
  • SmarterEveryDay – In this video, Destin shows you how to ride a Backwards Brain Bicycle (a bicycle that turns left when you turn right and vice versa).
  • ThioJoe – In this video, TheoJoe explains the creation of an application that can help revolutionize YouTube.

We also have our very own Dubverse user who has seen a remarkable boost in reach and views. Utsav, the creator behind the popular channel Utsav Techie, has incorporated multiple audio language tracks in Indian languages in his Hindi videos using Dubverse Dub. What’s truly impressive is that his top two most-viewed videos are the ones that feature multi-language audio tracks and subtitles!

Become a Global YouTuber with MultiLanguage Audio Tracks!

There is no greater innovation than one that brings people together. Though many won’t realize this until much later, the fact remains that the Multilingual Audio Track is the next best thing launched by YouTube, besides YouTube itself.

global creator with multilingual audio tracks

Consequently, the first movers are in for a win. So do you see yourself claiming this advantage and diversifying your audience? Content creators are already leveraging this tool and devising strategies to tap into their target languages for accelerated growth. If you’re a content creator, it’s time to elevate your game.
We, at Dubverse, have been busy creating tools that can help you do just that. Sign up now, and make the most out of our resources to experience the magic of multilingual content.

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