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We have launched new subscription plans for Dubverse users, and it’s better than before.

What’s new?

We have two plans now: Freemium and Premium. Now, you can access Dubverse and create multilingual videos throughout the year.

Additionally, our new model is credit-based. So you pay for what you use — nothing extra.

Check out now.

So, why the change of plans?

While our 7-day free trial allowed creators to enjoy Dubverse with all its features, we didn’t like how it ended. Once the trial expired, the account got locked, and users could not access the platform anymore.

The plan didn’t serve the Dubverse purpose and barred creators from sharing content in multiple languages.

Additionally, it was not fair for our Sub users to pay the same as Dub users. The amount of effort, technical support, and expertise needed differ for Dub, Sub, and Say. 

We aim to build a multilingual world with a fair and justified model for all. ?? So, we scratched our earlier free trial and pricing plans and upgraded them to accommodate all kinds of creators. 


How do the new plans work?

Here’s a quick breakdown of Free and Dub Pro plans.



50 Credits per month

Workflow Management

150+ Human-like AI voices

Custom Dashboard

Folder management

Sort, search, and filter

Collaborate with team


Mp4, Mp3 and SRT format support

Default video quality 360p – 4k

Studio Features

Edit script

Retune speech and pronunciation

Dub Pro

Everything in Free+


50 Extra credits= 100 Credits

Workflow Management

Get studio log/ history 


Create multiple projects in one go

Process videos longer than 30 minutes

Share watermark-free content

Studio features

Video configuration tools

Find and replace words

Optimize audio/video

Enhance video output quality

Use segment menu

Edit videos


Here’s how you can use the credits:

plan 1

For each minute of 

Dub: You use 4 credits

Say: You use 2 credits

Sub: You use 1 credit

This means a freemium user with 50 credits gets 13 minutes of Dub, 50 minutes of Sub, or 25 minutes of Say.

You can buy more credits if you want.

All subscribers can explore all features through a 7-day free trial before signing up. Our trial plan helps creators and businesses determine their usage and find the best plan for their needs.

Creators with minimal use can stick to freemium. Whereas those who wish to use advanced studio features, create more multilingual content and process longer videos can upgrade to Dub Pro. 

Have you got any questions/suggestions/feedback? Let us know. We love to hear from you.

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