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The Hologram of Opportunity

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It is highly unlikely for Daria to ask, “What are we doing today?”, in Persian and for Rahul to reply in Hindi, and then for Nazia to share her preference in Pashto. Being a hyperpolyglot, Dilip Kumar could’ve probably cracked this conversation. Yes, the Indian actor and film producer could speak 12 languages.

Locations, eras, cultures, and languages have put many beautiful stories and people at two ends of a pole. Humans have managed to bridge some gaps with the help of technology but the language barriers for a monolinguist are still high. A non-English speaking baker would find it difficult to make Nigella Lawson’s Irish cream Tiramisu through Youtube. For the millennials and GenZ, the dilemma while picking a foreign language show over an English show is an opportunity we don’t appreciate enough. Even if we have to concentrate to read the subtitles, we get to see a new/good/bad story. So many options like Money Heist (Spanish), Squid Game (Korean), or Valeria (Parisian) exist. This is in stark contrast to the monolinguists who have complete access to the same online platforms and find it difficult to watch a new language while it’s right in front of them. 

This, I believe is the hologram of opportunity because it is not just about entertainment, it is also about exploring new things. Some housewives and retired audiences in India love to indulge in different activities like gardening, knitting, stitching, and cooking and they like to learn and explore. I’ve seen them watching Youtube videos about apple crumble recipes, a new design for a muffler, or different techniques to cruise through a stock market. Unfortunately, all of them are in Indian languages by Indian people. Being part of the scrolling generation, I am aware that there is rich content available in the same categories from different countries by very creative people. When you try sharing it with native speakers, they find it very hard to connect, and eventually, the opportunity is lost to see how diverse the world is.

This opportunity can only be realized in two ways, either people learn all the languages, or all the languages at each point can be translated/dubbed to cater to the viewer’s native language. The former option is only suitable for a hyperpolyglot. If you aren’t one, then you need to turn to a product that will do the latter for you. Something that dissolves the language barrier and retains the real message.

Dubverse.ai does exactly the above. They have dubbed videos in 30+ languages helping agencies reach more audiences than ever. You have a larger audience to share your knowledge with than you think. In addition, to nourish the authenticity of the culture and roots, Dubverse is also working on custom voices to make the dubbing more humane. The soul remains and nothing gets lost in translation. 

I have been giving life to my hologram by converting English videos to Hindi on macrame & cooking for my mother and she is warming up to them. Why don’t you try Dubverse’s Demo for yourself? Expand your wings and grab the untapped opportunities.

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