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AI Going Places: Blender GPT

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What happens when two superheroes combine their powers?

In the Marvel Cinematic Universe film “Thor: Ragnarok,” Thor and Hulk team up to escape from the alien planet Sakaar and take down the villainous Hela. Thor brings his godly powers and hammer, while Hulk brings his incredible strength and durability. And the results are worth biting your nails on.

We’re in the same era…the difference is we are combining the powers of technology.

Watch Maurice Conti talk about the incredible inventions of intuitive AI.

The new kid in town is GPT4 x Blender = Blender GPT.

What is Blender GPT?

Blender is an open-source, free 3D design tool for creators and designers to create game assets, environments, and even end-to-end movies. 

Blender GPT is a GPT4 extension on top of Blender that you can install as an add-on to automate most of your 3D creation.

What Happens Now?

While Blender is a favorite tool of many creators and designers, it is time-consuming and energy-draining. Even with the best design in mind, you must know the shortcuts and hundreds of tools to create it in Blender. 

With GPT integration, however, all you need to do is describe using text and get your designs blazingly fast. No need to learn how to use Blender. It’s just like Copilot for 3-D design.

You think > Enter description > Enjoy results all within seconds

The open-source community is coming in strong, and the future of BlenderGPT looks promising. It can cut down the workload of hours, days, weeks, and months to just minutes.

Source: YouTube

Here is how we see the future of AI and tools at Dubverse:

Future with AI Integrations

Enhance visual experience.

Now, industries like architecture, entertainment, and gaming can create 3D characters, environments, and even metaverse with just a few words. Automatically generate realistic textures, facial expressions, body language, and lip-sync with natural language commands. We, at Dubverse, are particularly excited about lip-sync features to build a better experience for the multilingual community.

Spend more time on ideating.

While digital tools have simplified our work, AI can accelerate the creation by multi-folds. Instead of building designs and giving commands to rectify minute details, designers and creators can spend more time ideating and letting AI take care of the changes.

Communicate better visually.

Currently, designers and non-designers have to spend hours and weeks getting their vision on boards and prints. Some also hire professionals, which becomes an expensive affair. GPT’s natural language processing capabilities can generate a 3D model or scene that matches users’ imagination.

With little ability to write descriptions, anyone can show samples and versions of their vision for board and investor meetings. 

Design better prototypes & designs. 

Product designers, architects, and interior designers could use the technology to generate 3D models of their designs based on natural language descriptions from clients. AI integrations can potentially speed up the design process and make it easier to communicate ideas with clients. 

A lot of time, money, and energy is spent on creating environments before the real work gets started. Designers can now spend more time solving problems and brainstorming new designs. 

Final Verdict

AI is inevitable. Whether it is constructive or destructive is a debate for another time. But, we should not undermine the possibilities with it and the wonderful world we can build. There will be challenges and limitations along the way, but the potential and power of this development will surely impact industries globally.

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