Dubverse in Action Webinar


Anuja Dhawan: Hey Good morning for everybody joining in from different places. Thanks a lot for being on time before time. We’re glad to have all of you here. We’ll give another five minutes for more people to join in and then start. We have a lot of things planned for today. There is a question about that. You would see on your bottom. Right? Please feel free to go and you want refrain a bit from chat chat can get little messy because you want to answer all your questions. So please use the question and answer about rather and the team will make sure that we are able to answer all the questions that you have today.

Anuja Dhawan: We also have some poles planned during the call. So please make sure that you engage with us. You tell us a little bit more about yourself. Where are you from? What do you use at the worst out of the dubs of Safe products that we have feel free to tell us more about yourself and we have a lot of things backward for you guys today that will enroll our talk a lot about new features talk a lot about what we are trying to do here with the worst platform that we’ve built and at the end. Definitely we have a surprise for everybody who stays with us today and so stick around and we’ll share a lot of information with you today. Will start exactly at 8:05 or just waiting for some more people to join in. Thank you.

Anuja Dhawan: the human

Anuja Dhawan: Anybody who has a question, please go to the Q&A section and add your questions. We’ll make sure to answer everything. And at the end we will open the stage for everybody for Q&A. So if you want to chat have specific questions more than happy to answer them. Thank you. We’ll start in another two minutes waiting for more people to join in.


Anuja Dhawan: I think Of people on board already adding sort of they keep coming in one request. We are sharing a link for a feature request. I’ll leave most of the people have used the platform here and already have a lot more requirements and new things that you want. So we have a candy board. We already have listed all the major features that you’re working on. Please go up or tell us what you think and definitely add your requirements there. We take this very very seriously and this is where our roadmap comes from.

Anuja Dhawan: Sonia, you can’t hear us. Can you please check your mic because I think all for everybody else. It’s working or Can you check your speaker, please?

Anuja Dhawan: Cool, we’ll get started. So everybody knows we are discussing the words today. We are a generator where a company be an added for about two years. And the idea that we started with is breaking the language barriers across the internet. has to be English and that’s fair. That’s the reason we were born. We thought of India building from the land of languages and so happy to see multiple people from across countries here. Just want to share that we are currently about a million plus in terms of number of users who are on the platform and this is a cross 120 plus countries can’t be more proud and happy to share this moment with all of you and that’s exactly what we’re trying to do here.

Anuja Dhawan: To give our users a voice a platform where you can tell us and Kumar tell us and come and tell us sorry that what needs to be done next. So we’ll share a lot in terms of features do a very detailed product demo and make this more of a reckoning activity every month where we go deeper into one type of product that you’re building here and discuss with all of you today. We’ll keep it more broad. We’ll cover all the three aspects that we have on the platform. We’ve launched a new feature edit with AI will go a lot deeper into that talk about the studio and then later obviously open the panel for Q&A and answer everything that we can with you guys. Please use the question. Q&A that we have here and put out all your questions. I’ll start sharing my screen for the platform.

Anuja Dhawan: We also start putting out some poles. Please do engage there so that we understand what is the type of audience. I believe most of you have seen the platform have used the platform and are coming here to know more about us. So this is what we do, This is the home screen of the platform. It’s a web-based application. You can access it from any of your browsers. Those are there we recommend to use this on a desktop so that you are able to utilize all the features it works on the phone also, but this is a more workflow product. So we recommend using on a desktop screen.

Anuja Dhawan: Quickly governing the three things that we do I quickly touch upon those so that you understand because what we usually see is people use only one of the products whereas we have multiple products or multiple options available. So let me up quickly brief that so first is obviously dubbing wherein if you have a video that is in one language that’s already created and is post-production that is still restricted by the language that’s created in so this platform basically allows you to translate that or dub that across 64 languages and sort of publish it to a larger audience set reach more people with the same video that you’ve spent energy. Of creating so that’s about translation. Second is subtitle. I’m sure everybody here is a video creator and subtitle is one of the most important factor in terms of the quality that your video can give further.

Anuja Dhawan: All right. So with that in mind, we allow you to create subtitles for a video in any language. You can create subtitles also in 60 plus languages. This obviously is very beneficial from a SEO standpoint from your discoverability standpoint. And obviously watch time, right if you add subtitles we watch time go up as high as 40% So this is very very important to be added and the last piece is the text to speech wherein we allow you to input any text. And with that text we can generate our AI voice over here, which you can use on your base videos, you can use as a audio podcast or an audio platform here. Also, we have a layer of translation included if you say time out your content in English, but you choose a German we will automatically translate that script into German and give you a German voice over in the line in the speaker that you have selected. So everything that we do is definitely


Anuja Dhawan: backed by a lot of Translation and we want to make sure that every video that goes out on the internet can be turned multilingual and that’s something that submission here at upwards and you plan to sort of allow anybody and anybody who’s translate videos across different languages.

Anuja Dhawan: I think I’ll go deeper into the home screen. These are the three major things that we do but we understand that dealing with videos dealing with multiple products can be quite a headache. So what we’ve done is we’ve added multiple features. Let me take you through from the left side first. Obviously, these are your basic details on what plan are you on? What is the number of credits if I want to buy more credits on my plan? I can do that very easily. You’ll see your currency. I’m seeing AI since I’m in India.

Anuja Dhawan: All these are other details from terms in congestions policy or to my wallet wallet basically shows all the transactions that has happened. Whatever number of videos that I create. They basically keep coming here. And I know on what have I spent how much and that is linked to my projects as well. And of course I can buy more from here. The second is the archive folder of anything that you do not want to see anymore or you’ve already downloaded you can basically just push them to the archive folder. We do not allow Delete as of now. I think that’s a question we get multiple times, but currently we don’t allow but definitely that’s something we’re working on and

Anuja Dhawan: Be in very soon. But as of now whatever you downloaded all worked on you can push it to Archive. Then there are settings come I’ll come back to this more in detail. Then we understand that once you’re working with videos. It can get a lot. Hence. We have older a management sort of a thing happening here wherein I can take any of my project and I can move it to the folders that I have. So what this does is my management of the projects become easier and I am able to access them and when required the other thing is shared So with folder capability what we have is all for team collaboration effort that can be done here where I can share my folders with anybody. So if I want to share it with tanay who’s from my team, I just add this email ID and I say share he has the folder now with himself to and now whatever files are within that folder he can view those he can edit those as if he’s the owner of the project. So this allows collaboration with different folks and you’re able to

Anuja Dhawan: share your files that you’ve created on numbers and more and more people can access it. So here is where I say that all these are the folders which are shared with me by my other team members. So everything sort of comes here your pro. So this is basically the plan that you are on and again, what does your credit wallet look like what other deductions that’s happening. So that’s the left panel primarily. So to understand here. We have a bunch of features from filtering obviously an important aspect if you’re dubbing To multiple languages choosing multiple speakers so that can be done very easily here if I choose Hindi it will only show me in these speakers so on and so forth. All right. We also have a different view here if you were sort of seen but we also allow a list view or this obviously is by default on smaller screen sizes, but for a larger screen sizes also, this is a better view you can obviously come here and do this and then obviously a search option.

Anuja Dhawan: So this was primarily everything on the home screen that we have. I hope I’m not missing anything great. So another thing has been shared on the chat, which is basically diverse black which is basically our Tech blog where we share a lot of AI learnings with our readers all If you are interested in learning how we are building our models. We highly recommend you to read our black post here. Yeah, it is being shared now, please do subscribe and read this we publish one article a week where we talk a lot about what’s new in AI what is it that we are doing how So all ecosystem is moving forward. So that’s the interesting part.

Anuja Dhawan: Cool, I think let’s go deeper into each of these and then see what are the different possibilities here. So we’ll focus little more on dubbing because we believe dubbing is something that’s been used to maximum but happy to dig deeper into the other aspects as well. So this is where I get into the project creation phase multiple ways how I can input a video one first is the most basic where I can just pick a video from YouTube and paste the link here. If I’m sort of trying to dump that into multiple languages. I can of course uploaded from my local systems.


Anuja Dhawan: I can also very interestingly connect my YouTube channel, So what this does is this fetch is everything even if it is an unlisted video, you will be able to fetch it here and sort of upload it within the system and it will work seamlessly this obviously is not an auto refresh because of the size of the channels that some of you have so you can manually come and refresh here and every video that you add will sort of start appearing here if you have multiple channels or you don’t want to connect your channel anymore, you can disconnect from here and all of this sort of goes away. We do not store any information. Then we also have a Vimeo connect again. We understand from a video Bank standpoint video is the second most preferred platform from a cfd security standpoint. So we allow you to connect your Vimeo channels as well.

Anuja Dhawan: For today’s purpose. I’ll pick a YouTube link and I’m just gonna paste it here for processing. Of course. I see all my recently uploaded videos as So I know What is the last work I’ve done and if you see this YouTube sign, this tells me that where is this video coming from? What was the source of this video so that I understand again. What is my workflow is we obviously recommend videos only. Very clean audio to be uploaded onto the platform because that becomes very important when the AI has to understand and then translate it into different languages. What we also do here is that we tell you the cost of the video that you have uploaded. So this is about a two and a half minute video. I’m dubbing it into a different language. So this will sort of round down to two minutes and charge me eight credits dubbing is four credit per minute. And hence. This is charging me eight credits.

Anuja Dhawan: All moving on now. This is the interesting part and that’s where a lot of options are available. Just want to spend some time here and explain what all is happening so that you guys can understand this better. These are the different speakers that we have. You can obviously see here is the list of languages that we do this is something which is not very evident. So I’ll just tell you that basically if you start typing then you’re only looking at the language that you want and not everything else. All right, and for every language also, we have multiple options available depending on what is the accents that you’re looking for. Right? So Spanish is spoken in multiple ways. So we have different Spanish that’s listed here, which will be pronounced differently when it comes up speaker level. And I so let me choose English for now.

Anuja Dhawan: English also, definitely. We have multiple options depending on speakers that we are looking at now within each of these what we have is multiple speakers. So everything that you see with a crown is basically a pro speaker, which is only available when you are on a pro version or on the trial version. Also, we allow you to test these speakers understand how this suits your content or not and then sort of go ahead with it. But once you’re on freemium plan, then these will be, certainly long and you’ll not be able to see these what we also have is

Anuja Dhawan: a bunch of speakers across different languages. I’m trying to

Anuja Dhawan: yeah. Let me pick Spanish.

Anuja Dhawan: Yeah, so these are the different options that I have. I can just click on plus and my speaker and my language in a certain way It and I just need to add and I can create up to four different speakers in a single go which will allow me to translate that into multiple languages. What we also have is we have a few 11 Lab speakers available within the platform. This is an integration that we have with them and you can use it within the form all of them basically come with the tag and you can differentiate which ones are the 11 Lab in a few English speakers, what we also have is style where if you have a specific type of content you can choose from here and

Anuja Dhawan: Because we’ll speak in that style and obviously a male and female or filter is what we have here from here itself. I can choose that whatever content that I’m sort of creating what folder should they go into buy default or so that my management becomes easier and of course I can save this as my preference. So the next time I come I don’t have to manually pick the speakers again and again and preference will be saved and stored that can be utilized later and I just hit on let’s stop so privately it’s three click process that I need to follow and all my videos going to get uploaded and get translated into a different language, but obviously bunch of options that we’ve made available on the platform during this time so that you can do more with the platform that we have and you can sort of keep doing that.


Anuja Dhawan: So that was primarily on the creation of project from a length standpoint. We allow only less than 30 minutes when you All free or a trial version, but when you are in a pro version, you can upload as long as two and a half hour videos which basically gets processed by the platform and you’re able to access them and use them as you would like. So that’s primarily on the creation process now, I hope Questions you guys are putting it on the chat and my team is active in answering all of those for you. Please use this platform this ecosystem that we are trying to create to ask more to tell us more of what you want out of the devil’s platform. There is a canny boat that’s shared. Please tell us what new features you expect to be coming out of doubles and we are definitely more than happy to prioritize that this is the requirements that we see

Anuja Dhawan: School moving on the second thing that I want to discuss here is the Output, so I’m not sure how many of you’ve been able to see but if I double click I get onto this output page where my editing is not my priority that happens on the studio, but here I get all the information about my video. What is the language whatever I translated to when was it last updated? So on and so forth and I can play my video here are a bunch of more options where I can share this. I think I want to spend a minute on this sharing option. It’s not very highlighted, but it’s a very very powerful feature. So what this does is that this creates a unique URL for you that if you copy and you sort of share it with somebody else this is what they see. All right. So it’s the complete video in a translator version it obviously tells them who’s done.

Anuja Dhawan: In what language have they done it and with them even without login they can watch the whole video give you comments here. They can obviously use their name if they’re logged in if they’re not logged in I can post anonymously as well and I can just push on put on post or comment here how this appears for you is on this screen. This is your input screen within the platform and I go to comments here and that’s the comment that I’m just given me right. So basically we understand when you are working with videos, it becomes very complicated from a sharing standpoint because if to Tender you to share you to download It’s a very long process so that we’ve simplified a lot because we are a web application we can do that.

Anuja Dhawan: So that’s a very very important powerful thing that we have do tell us in comments. If you have used this already if this is something new that you discovered today, we would love to know and sort of show this more on the platform. Bunch of things other available here. Obviously, I see my transcript. So if I want to start listening point I can jump there directly and then listen to video These are the logs that when was this video created how much time did it take? So and so forth. These are the comments that I showed you and then this basically

Anuja Dhawan: Last feature is change of speaker. So sometimes what happens is that you’ve created but you don’t like the speaker. that sort of come out so you can just choose that. So if any editing that you’ve done that gets stored on the platform and only my speaker is going to change this will still be considered as a new project from scratch. But any editing work that you’ve done the upload process all of that is something that you don’t have to follow and you can very easily just click on plus and say let’s start And it’s back to processing again and it will give you a new project. You can edit the name from here or you can just go to home. So that was our output page primarily where a lot can be done. And now if you see the top three buttons in a certain we have gone away because after five projects, we believe you understood the platform and we don’t show it on top, but you can still click on create here and you can still see what you want to do out of the three things.

Anuja Dhawan: Another option that gets activated when you sort of create more and more projects is select that I can select my projects and the download them it gets downloaded as a zip file move them to a different folder or if I’m done with them. I can move them to an archive folder. So these are multiple options that we have. I can of course select all and then take a bulk action and all of them. So that’s something that gets added as you sort of proceed further and use the platform more and more. and this is something that new we added for the people who have been on the platform for very long something new that we’ve added once obviously a project is created the status goes away. But this is a new project that I changed the speaker for. So it is still under processing if it fails then we give a status as failed as well here so that you understand what is happening with the product.


Anuja Dhawan: With your project now going back into the editing side of it. Let’s get into the file again. I was here on my output screen. again, the other options that I have here is I can of course download for a dub file. We give multiple options where I can download an mp4 for a dub version. I can download a wave file this is equal to MP3 where only audio gets downloaded not the video part to it and SRT. Of course, this is the translated SRT that you get which is timestamp which you can use for your external purposes. I see unlimited downloads here on the free version or there on the pro version. Obviously, it’s unlimited download on the free version We allow up to five downloads in a month and then you have to wait for the next cycle to be able to download.

Anuja Dhawan: Also, this is primarily on what a video creation and sharing and listening We are viewing in a certain way look, like now let’s go to level two where we say that more and more. My video is created. But I want to work more on the output. I want to make it even my better than what it is right now. So this is where I go, which is basically the studio. Now I completely agree. This might little overwhelm a bit absolutely closed this for now. So this is what you would see if you’re translating to English that there are multiple options available on the top a lot of things happening. So definitely feedback taken from our earlier doctors and we’re already working on merging all of this into one one so that all the different work that you’re doing on redraft and releasing that can be done on a single screen and obviously Fast Track the work that you’re able to do here.

Anuja Dhawan: So first is definitely redraft or so. Let me quickly dig deeper and tell you guys what happens on each of these screens. So if you’re translating to English, then you see this let me open another project so that I’m able to create that difference here for people translating to different languages. for example, this is a German project that I was doing if I say edit. Then this is usually how you will see your translation. So on. The left is the transcript that’s to get generated this we is English Because definitely AI has a certain bias towards English. So we take English as an intermediary language if you input in any different language, and obviously, it’s English then it remains English and then the translation happens into the second language that we are looking at so bunch of stuff possible here. We also allow base editing.

Anuja Dhawan: All right, so if I’m not happy here I Just go here and based translation can be edited now accordingly. I want my translation to also be edited. So this is the button if I’m done here I click on this and this specific segment will get really translated as for my change that I’ve done here so that my translation also gets updated as per my bass translation. You can obviously delete a segment. You can copy your segment you can move it up or down but I would say Do not sort of edit the base translation a lot because that we do not allow you to download or a lot of consideration here. You should always spend more time in editing your output all your translated version in whatever life is that you’re looking at because all of this gets stored and this directly impacts the quality of the output that you have created, So everything here is what is always sizable

Anuja Dhawan: We have all of these features available here again that if you want to copy this you want to add a new segment. So if there is no time Gap, I cannot add a new segment. What I need to do here is I need to reduce this timestamp. and then this will allow me to

Anuja Dhawan: any

Anuja Dhawan: yeah, this gets saved and then I should be able to download. So it’s something happening here, but then That’s How basically I can add a segment also if required and of course I can just type here and start editing. So if it’s a Roman, then you can directly type with your English keyboard. If it’s a different language that you’re doing either a Hindi or a Chinese then we have a transliterate option. If you activate this then with your English keyboard, you can type in the specific languages as well that basically allows you to do that. Then we have other editing options as well, which is fine and replace. So if I just want to find a specific word, it tells me where all is it coming and I’m able to replace it with another word and I say replace all and in the whole transcript that I have. Specific Board gets replaced at a click of a button.


Anuja Dhawan: So all of these features primarily are added because we understand the output that we get with AI is Sometimes not a hundred percent in a language that you’re looking forward to, hence. We allow you to edit all of this and adding a lot more features here. So your Questions or are welcome or will be happy to get your understanding on what more can we idea to make your editing process faster and smoother?

Anuja Dhawan: The second option that we have here is retune. So this is interesting from a standpoint of a multi-speaker. So as you see my speaker here throughout the Sophie, but maybe I have a multi-speaker. It’s a podcast that I’m doing or any other video which has multiple speakers so I can go here. I can sort of add more speakers from the same language. I just dubbed into Germany. I can go here at different speakers in my pool then go back and here as for different segments. I can change the speaker that I’m looking at. I can talk I can select Josh that’s how 11 Lab speakers are Sean within the platform. I can change it at a segment level. And this will basically make my video multi speaker. And each of the segment will be spoken by a different speaker. I can play it here as well.

Anuja Dhawan’s Presentation: the organ of hygaba confront and shayden abidot AI

Anuja Dhawan: So I can play it here and I can listen to whatever is being said and if there is any editing that I need to do then I need to go back to redraft and edit. the next action is also lot more Of feature set is about to come. basically So when? language to another language length taken the same thing And write Germany it might be longer in Hindi. Usually it’s shorter also basis that we allow you to change the timeline of your video. This is anything like a video editor that you would be using otherwise as well. you can zoom out.

Anuja Dhawan: You can go to a specific segment. You can select multiple segments by clicking on control and then move all of these three four together. What we have here is basically CPS, which is trying to really characters per second this differs as for different speakers. Also, depending on what you’ve chosen. This might go up or high because it’s the speaker speed primary. that’s what we are looking at. So ideally we say that it should be under as a CPS when anything 20 to 30 is very very high. I’m sure you all have heard High CPS where it goes out very very fast something like this.

Anuja Dhawan’s Presentation: Yes this test under Titan.

Anuja Dhawan: Which is definitely something which is not acceptable. So what I do here is I go here and I stretch what this is done is this under control of and what it was so

Anuja Dhawan’s Presentation: Yep. is your full Giselle

Anuja Dhawan: Right to now it becomes more consumable from a Content standpoint. And what we also recommend is that these CPS should be closest to each other. That’s where your output is going to be very very similar and it is not going to sound odd all dubbed in a version. So all of that primary can be done here. so this is on restyle I can obviously go to specific segments and that’s the reason we give a highlight that you very clearly understand that which are the ones that needs to be edited so I can just go here stretch it and then Make sure that my C. Is coming under? an issue that sometimes Maybe there is. of me to stretch right one also times space then recommenders that go back to in

Anuja Dhawan: The editing that you’ve done and then you will create more space because again the word count might be different in input and output. So that is something that will allow you or to create more space by editing the translation that has come out to be All right. So those are some of the features to fix the timeline in a certain way. and the last bit have

Anuja Dhawan: Which Are so far. What we’ve done is everything on the audio side on the script side. what we are sort of going forward and adding as a feature set within the diverse platform is that you can do changes on the visual side as well. So the first thing that we’ve done is that we allow you to add or burn subtitles within your video. So far you could download SRT and then upload wherever you wanted. But with this feature, what you can do is you can burn your subtitles within the video and then use a burn subtitles video for your different purposes. So sometimes we get questions So this is how do you come to restyle you choose either from a specific theme or you can create your own theme or depending on whatever brand colors that you want. You can text position.


Anuja Dhawan: You can do bunch of stuff here and it gets saved from here. It gets saved automatically, but you can obviously always manual save and then you proceed to download it. Ask you that you want to burn subtitles within your video. You say yes, if you want without the one you say or no? So basis your requirement you can choose that. So this is everything on the studio that is existed. So far, please again, I would like to say go to comments go to questions and put out questions. We will answer everything that you have and another 10 minutes will open the stage more broadly for very specific questions that you might have.

Anuja Dhawan: Coming back to home. this was the studio that we had and we all sort of wanted all of you to go and edit manually. We are taking this a step ahead with where we are saying that AI will enable your editing as well AI will assist you in editing as well and that will happen through this. This is only available in seven languages as of now, we’re definitely adding more and more languages. But if you’re doing anything to English, you will see this on the right side of your read draft mode when you come here by default. What we are trying to say here is that you can choose how you want the translation to be so far. It was more AI which was deciding basis the content but now we want to give that power to you. So this is in a certainly promise.

Anuja Dhawan: In the back end is powered by gpt3 GPT 3.5 actually, so whatever instructions that you give here, we input that redo the script the GPD 3.5 and give you the option back. So four options that we have here is basically formality how formal or casual your content is depending on You wanted to be what is the tone active passive and I think gender was definitely the most important aspect that you were looking at. So if it’s a male speaker or a female speaker is something that you can choose your and that in a certain baby Rewritten by Ai and I hit an update. This might take some time is what I would say because again, it’s happening at a script level. Until then I can share maybe another tab that I already have all this done. So I chose casual and I chose confidence. So this is how something you’ll see that AI it will not edit all

Anuja Dhawan: The point is not to just suggest for the sake of it, but wherever there is a change of tone that’s required that that is something that will be edited for an example this sentence, right? So by default it had come out. So how you supposed to tell what science and what suitors signs so this is sort of done our opposite of it. Therefore it is crucial to distinguish between science and pseudoscience. So the difference at a sentence level might be lesser, but when you go at all script level, that’s where something it really impacts. So if you like the suggestion that AI is given you accept the change if you do not like the suggestion that AI has given you can reject it. Of course, you can accept all reject all depending on however the output has come to be I going to go ahead and accept all now all my changes are done, whatever we do on those Studio, whatever.

Anuja Dhawan: Editing work that we do on the studio. It is very very important always to process video because right now this is only gotten saved on the UI or our assumption is that you’re still working on the edit. So this is not pushed out to the video as yet you need to go to process video and then choose if you want or you don’t want up and it will Implement all the changes that we did on to the video to actual output and that’s what you will be able to see once the video is processed. This video will also come on top because we sort of stagger and get in terms of editing The last edit that has happened since I just reprocessed this video. This is come on top and it is showing me that this is under processing right now. You can wait a few minutes and then you can do come back and check if it’s been done the way that you wanted to be. So this is

Anuja Dhawan: In new feature, if you are dubbing into specific languages, please go it is all already activated for all the users translating into those specific languages. If you don’t see it, please put us the languages that you really want this feature in and it will really sort of fast in the whole process how we are able to edit the translation that has come out. So that was about dubbing very similarly things can be done on subtitle and text to speech as well for today’s time keeping time in mind. I’m not going to go deeper there. But if you’ve not tried already, please do try subtitle and text to speech the whole studio is available for both of these as well. The burn works really well for subtitles when you create subtitles and you want to burn them into the video directly. So that’s something which is available within the platform.


Anuja Dhawan: Also, that was I think a monologue for my side in terms of everything that you build on the platform if there are we can maybe take up questions now and start answering them one by one. for the viewers

Anuja Dhawan: I’m going to go to the questions.

Anuja Dhawan: Sure, I think there are a bunch of questions that are there. We start answering them, whoever is not Please go to the canny board. Please engage with poles. We have a bunch of stuff. That’s there. The point is to listen from you to get feedback from you guys so that we can make this platform more and more acceptable and more and more user friendly for Who’s here. When are you planning to make Colombian Spanish available? I don’t like the other type of Spanish interesting. We thought there is three type covers mostly of it. We’ve taken a note of it and we love sort of add more speakers which are in Colombian Spanish. So well noted.

Anuja Dhawan: Anita is asking. How would lip Singh work a video in dubbing would not there be some latency and mismatch and lip Sin Definitely Anita that happens is what we would say that the lips do not match. So like I said that we are primarily on the audio side of dubbing when it comes to also we do not visually change anything. We do not change the lip syncing part as well. But what we see is the acceptance of non lip sync videos is also good enough. So if your content is quality content, then the audience still want to engage with that content and learn. All about your content, but lip sync is something that we don’t have right now and we are on the audio side of it. Does it work with audio file as well? That’s one of the next feature that’s coming about currently we only input MP4 files, but we are adding MP3 and wave files also as input so that should definitely enable more and more. Can it work with embedded?

Anuja Dhawan: Video hosting on any other platform or not right now. We do not allow embedding but we allow sharing. So if you want to share with your colleagues, then you can definitely do that. But embedding is something that we definitely plan to do or pick in the coming year. For credit refresh. the buy is whenever you buy the credits and if you bought a long-term plan, so whatever you’re buying date is that’s when it gets refreshed and we add more credits into your wallets. Can I change transcript under resync mode or no Rajesh? You cannot edit the transcript under recent you have to change it under redraft and then go to leasing can move your timeline. We understand it’s the not the best as of now, but those are two different features that you plan to sort of merge very soon. So we will do that and you will see a lot more updates coming on Studio specifically in the coming days.

Anuja Dhawan: Can we use doubles with short form videos? I want to connect Instagram to burn subtitles. Definitely. Yes. Currently. We do not have a native integration with the Instagram video, but you can locally upload those videos from your system into the platform and then burn those subtitles so definitely possible and to add on to that. We are also adding more Integrations. Or with Instagram and two three more platforms, which would allow you to input all of those within the platform. Do we need to add GPT API key to edit? Anita. This is powered by us. You don’t need to bring your chargbt apis. We take care of that inherently within the studio.

Anuja Dhawan: Can anyone with the link view of sharing or they need to have an account? Jack anybody with the link can view the video or that you’ve shared with them and they can comment on it. If you want them to edit also, then you need to put it into a folder and then share with their email ID and they need to have an account for that but for sharing link, there is no account that’s required.

Anuja Dhawan: Mac wants to understand with the AI editing. There is already accept reject the edit. Is there also a regeneration option in option as in charge gbt. so basically when you choose your options and you sort of process the script it is going to give you options. You can accept reject like you already understand now if you want further you can redo the options that are there and regenerate the script again. All right, so the whole script again gets generated and you’re able to get more options from AI if you don’t like the ones those are given right now on that note. I’ll go back to my Screen ones. So this is the option This is one of the project that I was doing that’s done now and I have multiple options, but I just want to add here that if it’s a longer project, then you will not see it like this. You will see it more at a segment.


Anuja Dhawan: I think all of these are shorter videos. I just asked my team to send me a link which is longer project I will showcase it how different it is on no longer video. So we’ll cover that AI miss that out. So we get back there. I’ll continue on the questions until then. I’ve answered how you try to dub any Ott shows. Will it work senthil? Yes, we are in process of it, but not through this platform, right? This is more for short form content. This is more for informational content. But definitely we have a different arm where we work with more Ott or entertainment content as well. Also, I would say look out for more updates from dovers. We have a lot more going on.

Anuja Dhawan: Are you planning to add lip sync in the future? No, not right now. We I said are not on We are on the audio side of it not on the video obviously as a long long term plan. we will add lip sync but not in the short term but in the long term, definitely, yes.

Anuja Dhawan: I’m just opening a longer project for you guys to Showcase. If you are doing a longer project how that’s going to show A second more and I’ll be there. them sharing my screen again. If you do longer projects then how it will show for you is

Anuja Dhawan: alright

Anuja Dhawan: so basically Yeah, so this is my project English to Spanish. if it’s a longer project, right this is about a seven seven and a half minute long project. So what happens you’re it, then my editing that will work at a segment level. So if I don’t like this segment I click on this edit with the AI and whatever if I want to make it long another option get started here, but if I want to make any edits If I say neutral and I say update only this segment is going to get updated and not the whole script and it has come back saying that there are no changes for this specific segment. Let’s choose another segment. So if I say edit or this is my selected segment and I want to make it shorter and I say update.

Anuja Dhawan: All right. So this is only happening at a segment level because of the video is very very long. Then the whole video cannot be processed all together. So we do it again at a segment level. We give you an option for a specific segment you can accept or reject and it gets implemented in my editing work primarily. and this will obviously work faster if you’re doing at a segment level and you can keep doing for Segment and then get to the right output.

Anuja Dhawan: please use this and tell us your feedback. Cool coming back to questions. Mario wants to understand does notifications to transcript. Sync Etc consume new credits. No We only take credit charge credits only once when you are uploading or creating the project any editing work or regeneration work that you do we do not charge any credits there. Is there any way to sourced on translation so that all future dubs get translated properly feedback taken, but you can edit your Source transcript, but we do not allow you to regenerate other languages. So the answer is no that’s not possible as of now editing manually taking a step backwards redraft also doesn’t allow adding new text lines segment other than all at the end translation and dubs are out of sync feedback taken is what I would say.

Anuja Dhawan: I’ll be added a new feature to add segment in Middle also, but I’m sure you understand right that we are bound by the time period of that specific video so it becomes a little difficult but feedback taken and you should see a new output of coming out of there.

Anuja Dhawan: Thanks. Mike wants to understand for some languages that tend to achieve more accurate translation or results with depend instead of chat. GPT is integration people as a translation engine possible in the future for sure Matt or not denying but we see charity working broadly more better. And hence. We’ve taken that as the first step if this goes well and this is only available for a few languages as we land more languages. We definitely plan to add more services as well because our ideas to give you good translation for videos at scale. So that will always be the focus of no matter what service it is coming from. So we are in touch with the deeper team and we plan to attend the future.


Anuja Dhawan: Sorry Anita’s your question. Do we have neutral voice over as well life like with emotion pauses and not robotic. So definitely we have added more voices and stuff which are more lifelike is what I would say. Some of them are powered by 11 laps or that we get very good feedback for so please try but again, this is more language specific. So if you tell us specific language you are looking at we can help you there. Senthil wants to understand can we add any voice that can be converted to AI voice? For example, I want to add my voice for Hindi language version of English presentation video for my company. So you’re trying to understand voice cloning. That’s something that we are coming up with very soon, which basically if you clone your voice in one language, you will be able to use it in multiple languages. So senthil watch out is what I would. And you should be able to use that across different projects from our site.

Anuja Dhawan: In the video, you showed the segment length can be shortened on and what are the respective duration? So this is picked by jgbt. Like I said, these is more prawn based so it will understand. What does your time duration looks like and if you ask longer it makes it longer as per the duration and same shorter. It makes it shorter depending on the length of the time period that’s there and obviously charges very smart. If you give it multiple input it is able to understand very very easily.

Anuja Dhawan: I think I have more questions to answer but I think career almost at the end. Thank you everybody for staying till until now. We have a special offer for people who have not subscribed as yet which is only valid for next 24 hours only then we are going to send out the recording because you want to make sure that whoever was here gets a special benefit. So on the chat, you will see a special coupon code to watch 25, which is a 25% off please go subscribe if you’ve not subscribed as yet and you’ll see you on the other side. We keep doing this. We also have a very active community on Facebook and on WhatsApp both we’ll send share out links for that. Also, Please tell us more what you want. Sorry. We are user feedback is something that we live for is what I would say

Anuja Dhawan: So please do come on these communities chat with us and obviously make use of the special offer that we have for you guys. back to questions. I think I answered the longer shorter one. Yeah, Matt wants to understand I will always do you have an advanced glossary with input key term such as brand name technical terms religious words, so that those key testers can be maintained manually inserted so Matt about this feature specifically, I would say we had this feature running for quite some time, but The output over not great. So we had to sort of stop that feature. And hence. We’ve added choudhary a sort of enablement there it Understand brand names as well. I would say give it a try and then tell us.

Anuja Dhawan: We also plan to add a description feature with the charge GPT. So that all of you can sort of type out the prompt that you want that this is my brand name retain it. This is my religious keyword retain it. So then you have more sort of real promise right now. It is predefined prompt so that’s how you can sort of make sure of feedback taken there, but glossary did not really work out like we wanted thank you for all the celebration. We are very happy to have you all here.

Anuja Dhawan: Moving on to the next question my videos more than one hour long. Can you can translate the same not on the free version. But once you become a pain user that you’ve given a discount for you can translate it into different languages and take it as you want. If we have some pain users already. You want to buy more credits happy to extend the offer there as well. Let us know in chat. I just thought that we should definitely optimize our current users as well. So if you’re a current user do to tell us that that was bunch of questions. Thanks a lot for that if there’s anything else happy to finish this on time. I think you are quite on time here. 97 anything anybody wants to say can put on. at all

Anuja Dhawan: You unmuted you as well. If anybody wants to unmute talk to us more than happy. We have another five minutes where this goes on you can unmute and ask questions. You can open up your videos. Show us your faces, all is Happy chatting with our customers.


Anuja Dhawan: Great any more questions? I think everything we’ll see you on the other side of the coupon code. That’s harshmeet from our team. He sends a lot of emails. I hope you all read it.

Anuja Dhawan: That’s tanay from our team. He’s always up for helping users.

Anuja Dhawan: We have a new question.

Anuja Dhawan: Can we say sorry can we change how fast the subtitle appear on screen so that there isn’t too much text at that time. Also, we don’t have a definitive time that you can Define as of now, but what you can do is you can go to redraft and break down your sentences into shorter. Let me show that to you on a quick screen share. I hope the person who asks the question is still on call it says Anonymous but when you are on this

Anuja Dhawan: Redraft what you can also do is that you can break down your segments into two part. So if you go to a specific word and you say a shift enter on your keyboard a little hidden feature that we have on the platform. But if you do a shift tender, it will basically break down your segments into two part along with the time frame also broken into two. So what will happen when you do all the style or you burn these videos only shorter segments are going to appear on the video and not very long ones. So we understand we are solving for that also where we Sort of give you an option to choose how long the sentences should be. But for now, you can use this feature and break your sentences into smaller parts and then consume it on your Leasing. Anita wants to understand. Can we customize?

Anuja Dhawan: Sorry, can you customize caption with? Yes, we have multiple options on text color background color. All of that can be completely customized. Please go to restyle on free version. Also, you can download one video with subtitle burn. Please try that and tell us what you think. Someone mentioned translating The Source video will editing in the future be possible before it Go gets up something like wise cut. I’m not seeing Vice cut, but I understand that you want to edit your source. So definitely we have plans here also, because if you edit your Source, then you’re translation becomes better. The idea is to add

Anuja Dhawan: Although that’s the reason we’ve added some bit of charging PT as well. But currently we have activated editing your script on the source. Currently. We are not saving it into different languages, but that definitely is the next step and we will this is a feedback taken from a feature request and point.

Anuja Dhawan: Thanks for that. I think it was great having you all we will wait we will do this more consistently. So please join our communities. We are active there. We post a lot of stuff. We have a lot more coming out to keep sharing your love with us, and we’ll be more than happy to sort of engage with you better. Will there be a replay? We do have a show we have recorded this so we will share it out in the next 24 hours with you guys in terms of recording and we will do a lot more webinar going forward. So definitely join us on the new feature set that we are building and we love your feedback.

Anuja Dhawan: There Thank you guys for your time. We are very happy to have all of you here and we make sure to make this more consistent.

Anuja Dhawan: Thanks a lot kashish for spending time with us. have you do this?

Anuja Dhawan: I think Community is the reason why we do this, happy that you guys enjoyed what we had to share. Thanks a lot. I hope all of you are breaking the language barriers. So I would say you are those earlier doctors of technology and adopting AI in your workspaces already in your workflows already. There is going to be a lot more coming from the AI ecosystem and from diverse. So, please hold us accountable for all the new features that you want. We’re working on this relatively. Cool, thank you all will be ending the call now and I hope you have the coupon code and you are able to use that to subscribe to the platform. Thanks a lot. Bye.