Ethics Code at Dubverse

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” – Arthur C. Clarke

AI for Good

Dubverse was started with the intent that educational content from Harvard, MIT, etc that is already available in English for more than a decade, should also be consumable by the rest of the world. AI for good was part of our journey since we started and we intend to keep that as part of our core values.

Fairness and Bias

We also strive to ensure that our AI technology is fair and unbiased. We are aware of the potential for bias in AI systems and take steps to mitigate it, such as by using diverse training data and regularly reviewing our algorithms for any unintended biases.

While we understand translation is contextual in nature, we want to solve this piece by creating Grammarly for dubbing. Here we want versions of translation for any creator to choose their style of language. One of the immediate things we were able to identify is the gender bias in machine translation systems.

We devised a solution that our AI models can be gender specific. This is well integrated with our translation pipeline as when the user selects a Male speaker, automatically the male model will be picked up, while if the user selects a Female speaker, our Female trained model will be used.

We aim to ensure that written consent and contractual agreements of the voice owners are in place for any voice cloning project we take on. The purpose of this page is solely to commemorate an auspicious occasion while showcasing the capability of our AI. We do not tolerate voice-cloning content created for unlawful, hateful, obscene, or otherwise illegal intents and purposes.

Responsible AI

Responsible AI is a crucial aspect of the development and deployment of AI technology. It involves designing, building, and deploying AI systems in a way that is safe, fair, and transparent, and that respects the rights and interests of individuals and society as a whole. At Dubverse, we are committed to responsible AI development and use.

To ensure that our AI technology is safe, we perform regular testing and evaluations to identify and address any potential risks or unintended consequences. We also have a dedicated team in place to monitor the performance of our AI systems and address any issues that may arise.

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